Over this past decade, the Master Course of Space Transportation Systems (MC-STS) paved the most effective way for hiring in Space Industries for more than 100 students. At today’s date, many MC-STS’s former students play a prominent role in the making of the main European space programs.

From this year edition, MC-STS expanded its offering: in addition to a six-month work experience performed at, and payed by, the sponsoring industry, the 2012 Edition will provide the opportunity to spend one and a half month of training at the most renown European Centers in Space Launchers.  All mobility expenses will be entirely covered by a directed contribution of the European Space Agency.

The participation of students coming from different European Universities will make the attendance to the MC-STS a unique opportunity to study and work in an international environment.

Year 2013/2014 - 12th Edition                  

Master STS 12th edition


List of candidates admitted after the selection procedure  Graduatoria.pdf