Meeting location

Rome Animation n.1

  The meeting will take place in one of the biggest country of the Mediterraneum, Italy. Easily reachable because of its different airports and several harbours. In this sat photo you can see a part of the center of Italy, the two main airports and the meeting location. Or if you like this photo is the hall of Mediterraneum.

Rome large

  Other information about Italy and Rome city, their history, natural place, integral reserve, maps, fishes, vegetables, restaurants, beaches, sea, museums, foods and so on are available on the provided Tourist web page, where you can also find Rome's maps, posters, depliants and "photo gallery".

Meeting location, at Rome

  The Meeting will be held near the Rome University, La Sapienza. We are looking for a classroom, a congress hall, or a similar place but in December there are lessons so leave us some time to find the best solution. If you need a reference to find hotel, to check bus or undergroun please type -- Pl. Aldo Moro 5 --, see below.

  We suggest to spent some other days in Mirabilia Urbis Romae. It is a very popular tourist destination since 800 b.C.! This small city is cut by the famuos Tiber and exted of some hills.

main map

  Look for the green circle, when we have the conference room we put the cirle in the map!

Hotels near the Meeting

  Please wait, we are looking for three different levels of hotels, a cheap one, a standard one and a premium one. There is a dedicated web page for Hotel booking, this one. And if you need a luxury hotel find it yourself or ask our agency.

arriving by car

  Have a private, owned or rented car, is necessary if you come by car! We will give you all the information to reach the Meeting. Next we show in this section the exact address, remember that the meeting registration starts on Sunday at 19:00 o'clock.

  For those of you who want to reach us by car, we change from the satellite view to the road map view of Google Sat in the following figure.

  According to a famous proverb "Every street goes to Romae" and surely any type of navigator (or mobile phone) can help you.

  If you use Autobahnen is better to pass through the A1 and near Rome search for A24, this highway goes into the heart of Rome.

  If you come from a Consolar's way as Appia, Aurelia, Cassia, Flamina, Salaria, Casilina is better to go through the "Grande Raccordo Anulare" named E80, and look for A24 in direction to Rome.


  Parking ...

  Near the meeting building there are other various buildings as: the bigger University of Europe, the CNR, a large military place, the bigger hospital of the city, a part of labour minister, so there are only "blue lines" requesting a payment of one euro per hour. The residents also have a small number of place for cars. Also there are many restitions to car traffic in the center of Rome.

  We suggest you to find a private parking (ask us for this), often underground and with security, near the meeting and leave there the car. Cut by cut up today the public trasport service work againg! So don't forget that you might have use of the public transport service.

arriving by airplane, by ...

  As concerning arriving by aeroplane, the two main airports in Rome are Fiumicino and Ciampino (already showed in the previous photos).

  Some private aeroplanes can ask for the authorization to land in Ciampino, most private ones must land to the Aeroporto dell'Urbe, on Salaria road (at the north of Rome), we don't suggest it. On the Roman hills a heliport exists if you are interested, please ask us by e-mail.

  Landing at Fiumicino by aeroplane you can chose three ways:

  1. take the special train to Rome, Termini station --> once at the hall of the station you should ask for Aldo Moro square (or Piazzale Aldo Moro n.7) and walk or thake the bus n.310 and go down just to the stop near the square.
  2. take the ordinary train to Tiburtina station (it is cheaper) --> once at the station ask for the bus n.492, after 10 minutes the bus passes on the rear of Aldo Moro square in the same street of the Meeting.
  3. when you arrive to Termini or Tiburtina station you can take a taxi to reach the Meeting location, probably the trip is 5 minutes long and please check accurately the fee! (I often walk from Tiburtina and it takes 25 minutes and from Termini it takes 12 minutes).

  Landing at Ciampino by aeroplane you have two ways:

  1. you can ask where the Cotral line to Rome is --> go to the coach-stop outside the airport and wait according to the time-table --> when the coach arrive get on it --> ask to the driver for Termini station, when arrive use the point 1 or 3 of point above.
  2. There is a regular train from Roman hills passing through Ciampino and going to Termini station, ask Alessandra major of our agency for this.

  Arriving by train, it is not necessary to have a private train, there is no other way except Trenitalia. The main station in Rome is Termini but some trains stop at Tiburtina station. Arrived to one of these two stations, you should continue as explained above in points 1,2,3.

  From the two airports and the two stations you could use a taxi but we recommend it only from Ciampino, take the taxi in more than one person since the cost is usually expensive. Ask to different taxi drivers-companies for the price and negotiate it before. For every event read the security section.

  Arriving by airplane or train, if you like, you can ask our Travel and Services Agency to rent a car, available in front of the station if you made the reservation some days before.

Courtesy minibus

  If you find sponsor for Minubus surely we use the money to support the participation of a young coming from a PIIGS country or other from LDC!.

Arriving by horse, by bicycle, by ULM, by ship, by aircraft?

  It would be too long to define the way to be followed for the attendees who arrive by horse or by foot or by bicycle or by Ultra-Léger Motorisé (ULM). But those who usually choose these means of transport should know how to move better than us.

  We also suppose that it is not necessary to describe how to arrive by private ship, if you have a private ship able to cross Mediterranean sea you know how to reach the Ostia famous harbour. Also aircraft drivers surely know how to arrive!

Technical notes

  Please go directly to our web page

Visiting Italy

  If you come from one of the Union Européenne (U.E.) countries, you do not need to keep the passport with you, but a simple valid identity card will be sufficient.

  If you come from another not U.E. country you surely have to keep the passport with you. Because each country has its rules for entering in Italy, we suggest you to contact our Italian consulate or embassy in your country, in order to know what you have to do to come in Italy. This is a not exhaustive list of Embassies. Italy is part of Schengen agreement as country founder. This give more difficulties to obtain Visa. If you require a Schengen Visa you need to apply it before travelling.

  In case of extreme and insuperable difficulty we can try to help you from here .... Please contact Dr. xyxyxy. xyxyx by e-mail.

  The national language of Italy is Italian. However, many people speak English and someone speaks German, French and Spanish too.

  The current unit is the Euro (€). International credit cards are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops. The most accepted credit cards are VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro. Exchange offices and ATM machines are easily available throughout the town and in the main train stations and in the airports.

  Banks in Italy operate with different opening times. Most of them are opened from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 16:00, while they are closed on Saturday and on Sunday. Money changes and movements are made at the Post office too.

  Rome has a mild climate. The average temperature in December is more then 15°C and sometime rains. There are some banks and one Post Office near the Meeting place. There are taxi stops in front of the La Sapienza Univeristy. Also there is a car-sharing park.

Your security

  Italy has always been pleasant with its tourists and visitors, since the time of Romans. In the whole period of the Middle Age, Pontifical State, Councils periods, it has been a popular tourist destination.

Vesuvio and ships maschi agioino
One of the most beautiful town in Italy: Vesuvio, porto, Maschio Angioino of Naples

  But a negative aspect of the Italian life is represented by thieves who used to steal money from tourists. So you have to pay more attention on the underground lines, bus lines or similar. Furthermore, because you are a tourist, some dealer can ask more Euro than those you have really to pay.

  Many television channels have presented some transmission (Report, Le Iene, Striscia la Notizia, etc.) on the taxi drivers and their excessive costs .... So, be careful with these prices. Ask before, change taxi company and if necessary call the police.

  In case of emergency in the meeting area, you can directly contact the CMA4CH staff or the hotel staff. Outside the meeting centre you have to call 113 (police) or 112 (carabinieri) for any emergency.

  The travel time on the train to main Rome station, or inside the Fiumicino airport is quite secure. Be careful on select the correct bus, DO NOT ask to someone, ask only to policeman, to trainman, airport help desk. BE CAREFUL IN TIBURTINA RAILWAY STATION, WE NEVER SEE A POLICEMAN HERE.

  Unfortunately, one of the components of our Committee "lost" a pickpockets in Rome underground some monthly ago, so we recall your attention when you come from airports or railway station and go at the bus stop, or use the underground.

  There are lots of banks and Post Office near the Meeting so we suggest to use your credit card instead of cash.

Rome University, La Sapienza
Mathematical, Physical, Natural Science Faculty
Rome, Italy, Europe
CMA4CH, Application of Multivariate Analysis and Chemometrics to Environment and Cultural Heritage
in the even years of III millennium, 2012
Laurea Degree Course of
Sciences Applied to Cultural Heritage for Diagnostic and for Conservation
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