Meeting location

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The Island

  The meeting will take place in the biggest island of the Mediterraneum, it is easy to reach because of different airports and more and more harbours. In this sat photo you can see a part of Calabria, the Scilla and Cariddi sea passage (fortunately without the bridge!) and the East of Sicily.

Tao, center

  Others information about Taormina and Sicily island, history, natural place, integral reserve, maps, fish, vegetables, restaurants, beach, sea, museums, foods and so on are available in Tourist web page, where you can also find Sicily maps, posters, depliants and "photo gallery".

Meeting location, Taormina

  The Meeting location is in the historical centre of Taormina (not 20Km away or "near") and we suppose you will agree with our selection.

  Tauromenium (the Roman, Latin name of Taormina) is a very popular touristy destination since the 1950. This small town is midway between Messina and Catania. On the East Coast of Sicily's island, today in the Province of Messina.

Tao, riserva

  This beautiful island was inhabited by the Siculi in the Neolithic period, and even before, but Taormina's area was founded many years after the first Italian colony of Greeks, arrived on the Sicilian coast in 832 BC to found a town called Naxos. The photo above shows the entrance of a natural reserve of Isola Bella.

where is the Meeting, hotels

  The following photo shows the main hotels where we obtain a discount for the meeting participants. We are looking for a conference room where the meeting will take place. Following the custom method of previous CMA4CH edition, we select beautiful but not luxury Hotels and places already know for courtesy and service. If you like some other information about the hotels/hostels, please, ask our travel and service agency.

Tao, hotel

  Other information about the Meeting hotel, name, address, prices are presented in the web site of the Hotel Vello d'Oro (Via Fazzello, left yellow circle). Click here to see the Vello d'Oro from Piazza 9 Aprile, the center of Taormina. Please see constantly our news web page.

arriving by car

  Have a private, owned or rented car, is necessary if you come by car! We will give you all the information to reach the Hotel. Next we show in this section the exact address, remember the meeting registration starts on Sunday at 19:00.

  For those who will reach us by car, we change from the satellite view to the road map view of Google Sat in the following figure.

  Taormina can be reached by car from every main Italian cities. From Northern Italy, one can drive along the highway A1 through Naples and Salerno; then from Salerno (but not pass on Amalfi coast and Capri area) drive along the panoramic free of charge highway A3/E45 direction Reggio Calabria. Take exit "Villa S.Giovanni - Sicilia", then get to the harbour where very frequent ferries (company "Caronte" most recommendable - please just lock your car and enjoy a fantastic ride from the ferry sun-deck, it is very safe !) connect the mainland to Sicily 24 hours a day (city of Messina).

  Once in Messina you are in Sicily! Take highway A18/E45 direction Catania, drive enjoying the beautiful coastline on your left for about 30 minutes, then take exit "Taormina" and .... You've made it !!!

  If you come from Catania, just take highway A18/E45 direction Messina and take exit "Taormina" and if you come from Palermo take highway A20 to Messina, then highway A18/E45 direction Catania and take exit Taormina.

Tao by car

  Leaving the A18/E45 Taormina tollgate please chose SS114, and follow this road up to Taormina center. Now, you probably have "parking problem", are you happy?

Tao by car

  Taormina is a small, ancient, town. The residents also have a small number of places for cars. There are many limitations to car movements in this small town. The are two main, large, parking "underground" but they are expensive. We are working to obtain a discount for participants. Check on the news web page.

  Parking ...


  Arriving by aeroplane, there are two main airports "near" Taormina. The best choice is to land at Catania Fontarossa airport. The other choice is Palermo Falcone e Borsellino airport but it is really difficult to reach Taormina by landing at Palermo.

  Catania Fontanarossa International Airport is the nearest and most convenient airport at about km. 55 from Taormina. There are several flights from the major Italian cities and many international direct flights from important european cities. Lots of charter flights from all over the world land in Catania too. From Catania airport you can reach Taormina in one hour drive by very convenient direct highway A18/E45 (direction Messina, exit Taormina).

  We have checked some days ago the links to Fontanarossa, or Falcone e Borsellino, but these web sites are continuously changing. Further choice is the Reggio Calabria's Aeroporto dello Stretto.

  Fontanarossa is an international airport, it is very busy in summer. After landing in Fontanarossa by aeroplane you have three possibilities to get to Taormina:

  1. Ask for the square in front of the airport --> find the coach (blue when we write this text) or the public transports, to Taormina, (cheap, 5-7 euro)
  2. Ask for a taxi parking and use this expensive transport to Taormina, (cost indeterminate)
  3. Remember of your old friend living in Sicily, at Trapani, 300 Km away and ask him for a lift

  Arriving by train, it is not necessary to have a private train, one good way is check Trenitalia but there are other private railway company in Italy. The main station is Taormina-Giardini, almost all trains running on Catania-Messina railway stop at Taormina. In front of the station pass a coach coming from Fontanarossa airport and go to Taormina center.

  Taormina's railway station is considered one of the most beautiful of Italy for its elegant charming Sicilian Liberty style decor; every train arriving from Northern Italy to Sicily stops here. One has a large choice of trains, from de-luxe Eurostar down to simple but very efficient "Espresso train" normally departing from Milan, Turin and Rome through Naples.

  There is an English web page of Trenitalia that can help you to find a train from any of Italian's city to Taormina. When you arrive at Taormina-Giardini station you have four possibilities to get to Taormina:

  1. coach (blue when we write this text), starting from many city of Sicily and ....
  2. bus (orange when we write this text), public transport of Taormina ....
  3. taxi car (white when we write this text) ....
  4. walk by footpath n. 6, crossing Villagonia and Madonna delle Grazie. Be careful as it is a difficult path, from 0 to 300m above sealevel, a "mountain walker" needs almost 30 minutes to reach the centre of Taormina. More information on tourist web page.

  Arriving by ship, from Northern Europe and Italy, it is possible to take a comfortable "fast" ship from Genoa harbour (company Tirrenia) and reach Palermo in about 17/18 hours. From Palermo it takes at about 2 hours to reach Taormina taking the highway A19.

  There are also frequent ferries from Naples to Milazzo (one hour distance from Taormina) and one daily from Ravenna (Adriatic Northern Coast) to Catania as well as modern speed boats and catamarans daily from Malta to Catania and Pozzallo are available too.

  More information are available in this independent web site, TraghettiWeb.

  Arriving by bus, Taormina has its own modern bus terminal right in the town centre. Frequent buses (Company "Interbus") run from Palermo, Catania (airport included) and Messina. Moreover there are easy connections from Rome and Amalfi (company Interbuisness), Bari, Brindisi (ferries from Greece) and Taranto (company Etna).

  More information are available in this independent web site,

Courtesy minibus

  If you find sponsor for Minubus surely we use the money to support the participation of a young coming from a PIIGS country or other from LDC!.

  There is a free public transport from Lumbi underground parking to Porta Catania. There is one other public bus from Taormina to the Hospital (but the hospital is really at sealevel!) so accompanying persons can use it to go .... anywhere, in tourist section the timetable is available.

Maps, time-table, ships time, and other documents
Available documents (new on 1 october 2013)
use an A3 colour printer to obtain Taormina info:
Map and walking in the town, front, in english (A3, 1.6MBytes)
Walking paths in the town, rear, in english (A3, 1.7MBytes)
Mappa della citta' e percorsi, davanti, in italiano (A3, 1.6MBytes)
Sentieri e percorsi urbani, dietro, in italiano (A3, 1.7MBytes)
use an A3 colour printer to obtain Sicily info:
Sicily South-East map, front, italian/english, the Etna park and main routes (A3, 2.5MBytes)
South-East map of Sicily island, rear, italian/english with small towns description (A3, 3.6MBytes)
Sicily map with only the main highway and famous city (A3, 2.0MBytes), from a dead web site
more information are available on the tourists web page
Arriving by horse, by bicycle, by ULM, by ship, by aircraft?

  It would be too long to define the way to be followed for the attendees who arrive by horse or by foot or by bicycle or by Ultra-Léger Motorisé (ULM). But those who usually choose these means of transport should know how to move better than us.

  We also suppose that it is not necessary to describe how to arrive by private ship, if you have a private ship able to cross Mediterranean sea you know how to reach the Taormina bay. Also aircraft drivers surely know how to arrive!

Technical notes

  Please go directly to our web page

Visiting Italy

  If you come from one of the Union Européenne (U.E.) countries, you do not need to keep the passport with you, but a simple valid identity card will be sufficient.

  If you come from another not U.E. country you surely have to keep the passport with you. Because each country has its rules for entering in Italy, we suggest you to contact our Italian consulate or embassy in your country, in order to know what you have to do to come in Italy. This is a not exhaustive list of Embassies. Italy is part of Schengen agreement as country founder. This give more difficulties to obtain Visa. If you require a Schengen Visa you need to apply it before travelling.

  In case of extreme and insuperable difficulty we can try to help you from here .... Please contact Dr. xyxyxy. xyxyx by e-mail.

  The national language of Italy is Italian. However, many people speak English and someone speaks German, French and Spanish too.

  The current unit is the Euro (€). International credit cards are accepted in most hotels, restaurants and shops. The most accepted credit cards are VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro. Exchange offices and ATM machines are easily available throughout the town and in the main train stations and in the airports.

  Banks in Italy operate with different opening times. Most of them are opened from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 16:00, while they are closed on Saturday and on Sunday. Money changes and movements are made at the Post office too.

  Sicily has a hot sea-island climate. The average temperature in June is more then 25°C and it rarely rains. There are some banks and one Post Office in Taormina. There are taxi stops in front of the Greek Theatre too.

Your security

  Italy has always been pleasant with its tourists and visitors, since the time of Romans. In the whole period of the Middle Age, Pontifical State, Councils periods, it has been a popular tourist destination.

Vesuvio and ships maschi agioino
One of the most beautiful town in Italy: Vesuvio, porto, Maschio Angioino of Naples

  But a negative aspect of the Italian life is represented by thieves who used to steal money from tourists. So you have to pay more attention on the underground lines, bus lines or similar. Furthermore, because you are a tourist, some dealer can ask more Euro than those you have really to pay.

  Many television channels have presented some transmission (Report, Le Iene, Striscia la Notizia, etc.) on the taxi drivers and their excessive costs .... So, be careful with these prices. Ask before, change taxi company and if necessary call the police.

  In case of emergency in the meeting area, you can directly contact the CMA4CH staff or the hotel staff. Outside the meeting centre you have to call 113 (police) or 112 (carabinieri) for any emergency.

  The travel time on the train to main Taormina station, or inside the Fontanarossa airport is quite secure. Be careful on select the correct bus, DO NOT ask to someone, ask only to policeman, to trainman, airport help desk. Contrary of what you think the Sicily's Mafia is not in the street but on construction, furniture, sell, etc.

  Unfortunately, one of the components of our Committee "lost" a pickpockets in Rome underground some monthly ago, so we recall your attention when you come from airports or railway station and go at the bus stop, or use the underground.

  There are lots of banks and Post Office near the Meeting so we suggest to use your credit card instead of cash.

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